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Ajuga is a sort of one-year and perennial plants belonging to the family of Lamiaceae, or Labiatae, and numbering about 50 types. Wild-growing ajugas live in the woods, on meadows and marshlands of all continents, but the greatest number of types meets in Eurasia. The name of a plant completely reflects its essence: ajuga is so unpretentious that easily adapts to any conditions of growth and maintains hard frosts and a long drought. And the scientific nomination ajuga comes from a combination of the Greek words: "and" (means "without") and "jugum" ("yoke"). This plant has also national names: feverish grass, warm grass, one-sponge, joiner's grass, bugles and others. Representatives of the plant grow in height from 5 to 50 cm and have generally creeping stalks, semi-evergreen or falling-down opposite leaves with teeth at the edges and the small flowers collected in false inflorescences which more often happen yellow, white, blue, blue, purple or pink coloring.

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