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Cannes  are perennial grassy plants, the only and unique sort from the family of Cannaceae. Cannes leaves are rather large, they differ in the high decorative effect. A color of leaves saturated, in it different dark shades are mixed. Length of leaves usually makes about 50 cm, and their width reaches 25 cm. Cannes flowers are the same large and decorative, as well as foliage. The main feature of this plant is the existence of pestles, or the stamens turning into petals. The color of flowers can be most different – it is possible to find in color scale both bright, and gentle pastel, and light tone. Quite often grades of Cannes meet an unusual combination of flowers, a fringing or strips and strokes. Cannes with an ulterior motive received the unusual name. In translation from Greek the word "kanna" means a reed. And it is valid, the stalk structure at Cannes in something reminds a reed stalk structure.

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