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Coreopsis is the numerous sort of one-year and perennial plants, and also semi-bushes belonging to the family of Asteraceae, or Compositae. Coreopsis's homeland is North America, from there he also arrived to Europe. The name of a plant was formed from the Greek words: "koris" – is translated as "bug" and "opsis" - "look" (Coreopsis's seeds are externally similar on bugs). In the people there are also other names of this plant: Kalliopsis, Lenok, Maiden eyes, Yellow camomile, Parisian beauty. Coreopsis has the upright branching stalks from 25 to 110 cm high, separate leaves located opposite to each other,  and the attractive inflorescences baskets. Simple or terry flowers (about 6 cm in the diameter), usually gear at the edges, can be golden-yellow, brown, pink, scarlet or lilac coloring. Plentiful blossoming of Coreopsis is observed from the second half of June to the frosts.

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