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Heuchera is a sort of perennials from the family of Saxifragaceae, including about 60 types living mainly in America. The plant differs with a form and color of leaves, coloring of flowers, and also height and degree of an hairiness of stalks. The name was given this plant in a honor of the physician and the botanist I. G. Geykher, and some people often called it "rockgeranium", that is "a mountain geranium", and is valid, a set of types of heuchera grow in mountains and the woods. Heuchera won not at once the popularity, till the XX century only in the chosen gardens it was possible to meet this plant, and only its specific forms. Only later some time in England not unsuccessfully were engaged in hybridization. Now numerous grades are very decorative, unpretentious and simple in leaving, however are appreciated still only by true gardeners.

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